Back To School 2021

 Our kids are winning

August 03, 2023

In 2021, we enrolled 40 kids back to school; the enrollment cut across 9 schools (6 secondary schools and 3 primary schools). these kids included at-risk children on the verge of dropping out of school, together with our kids who had passed through the center program and have undergone thorough assessment which covers their positive behavioural changes, basic academic improvements, and people skills developed amongst other things learnt.

Undoubtedly, this has been a long-nursed dream for us all at Street Priests and we were delighted that it had come to fruition with your support & that of many other amazing volunteers and partners.


The decision to enroll the kids back-to-school has been backed by unwavering intentionality. We do this by ensuring the kids get the necessary support they need in school and after school. We organize after-school classes, and check in on their notes & performances in assessments, these efforts have proven to the kids that their success is as much ours and they have proved our efforts fruitful.

Last term, one of our kids, Meyene God'sGift, came out top in his class.

Meyene was a struggling 10yr old boy without the love and care of both parents. As a child, he saw his father beat his mum frequently, and when she couldn’t take it anymore, she left the marriage with her other children leaving Meyene behind with his father. Due to the nature of things at home, Meyene took to the streets to fend for himself.

We came in contact with Meyene during the lockdown phase while we provided children on the streets with relief materials daily. Once our center reopened after the lockdown was eased, we made a thorough investigation into Meyene's background, and we were able to find out beneficial information. He attended Prof. Eyo Ita School but had dropped out in Primary 2. Also, he suffered from dyslexic dysgraphia, which affected his learning rate. He opened up to the team that he was tired of living on the streets as the dangers of living on the streets increased daily, from violence to extortion, amongst other vices.

To prove this, Meyene became more consistent, engaging in recreational and educative activities, following through consistently with our program and showing promising results.

We then engaged our partnership with an organization called Society for Youth Development Rescue Initiative (a transitional and rehabilitation home that offers foster care to children on the streets, helping reintegrate them back into their families). On the 2nd of February 2021, he accepted to be transferred to SYDRI.

By September 2021, Meyene was shortlisted as one of our 40 “Back To School” beneficiaries and was admitted into Bishop King Memorial Nursery and Primary School to continue his academic pursuit. He came 2nd position overall in his class after completing only his second term back at school.

Meyene's story is one of the progress stories we've recorded so far. Our efforts are truly not in vain. We are unwavering in our job to make the world see them for what they really are: children whose lives can be transformed and potentials turned into assets for society.