International Day For Street Children

Safe Spaces : Acknowledging and celebrating the frontline workers.

October 12, 2022

The 12th of April every year since 2012 is marked globally to acknowledge and celebrate street children for their zest, strength, and resilience in extreme difficulty. We partnered with Basic Rights Child Initiative (BRCI) and numerous other outstanding non-governmental organizations to celebrate our kids this year. There was a novelty football match, egg race, and other exciting activities between the children and volunteers.

The theme for this year's celebration was "Safe Spaces," an avenue to acknowledge and celebrate the frontline workers, our revolutionaries, and partners. They make great strides to ensure that street children enjoy all the rights due to them as children. This year's celebration was equally a charge for everyone to become a safe space for street children.

We were hosted on the Hit Breakfast Show and Tell Your Story Show on HitFm Radio Station; these are two of the most listened to radio shows in the city of Calabar, and on the BigDot PR podcast, one of Calabar's fast-rising media and advertising agencies. These allowed us to tell our children's stories, our challenges trying to solve the problem, and the successes recorded so far.