Street Corners

February 01, 2023

Street Corners: a phrase synonymous with hope & love for the children living on the Streets.

"One man's trash is another man’s gold’’ is less figurative and more literal for the children on the streets, because they have made a home out of the gutters. Every Thursday we go out to meet the children wherever they are, the places they’ve called home, their corners. We call it Street Corners; It is our weekly hangout with the children. We meet with them,have wholesome conversations, bond over games, & provide them with some of their necessities (food & clothes).

At Street Corners, we start first with God, beyond the endless expansion of the universe, there is a God and beyond hope, we want to give these children access to the love that only God gives. Afterward, we interact and play with the children. We hold their hands and ask them simple questions like “how was your day?” ,sometimes we receive simple answers - "it was fine", Sometimes we receive more detailed and sincere answers.

The games are usually simple; counting games, wordplay, and quick little activities to get the children excited. We realized that in every world on this earth, one thing remained the same - the people. Regardless of whether it is earth streets or earth riches, children will always be children. They get excited to play games and show off their skill. Their eyes light up at the idea of something new; new toys, new clothes, and they need love and guidance all the same. They are all blank sheets that can only color themselves with whatever markers the world throws at their faces. We often have clothes drives during street corners. We distribute donated clothes to as many children as we can. At the last clothes drive we noticed something small, but note-worthy all the same. The children were rather selective with the clothes they wante. Some wanted shorts, while others took trousers, some wanted fancy shirts, and others cute tops. They had choices because no matter how tough the world might be, they still had wholesome personalities.

We share food as well. This is the part that seems to excite the kids the most. In every world, we’re all just suckers for a good meal. The children are most grateful for this.

We are no saviors, we know that compared to what these children need we bring very little, but what matters is that we “bring”. What matters is that every Thursday whether in the scourging sunshine or the heaviest rain we go out and “bring’’.

These children need help, we will not share a false narrative, we shall say it as it is. What we’re trying to do with street corners is fortify the religion of the streets: hope. We want the children to have hope. Hope that every Thursday, a big bus will come rolling down with a warm meal, and smiling faces ready to hold their hands and with it, their troubles for as long as they can. Hope that regardless of their troubles, for a short time they will be allowed to be children and hope that one day the gutter will no longer be a home.

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