Street Priests Annual Awards Ceremony 2022

A time for reflection and celebration

October 12, 2022

We are taking a trip down memory lane...

Every year since 2017, we have made it our sole purpose to say thank you in grand to everyone that has supported Street Priests in one form or the other through our Annual Award Ceremony. There is an award for everyone that has contributed to the success of our work in the past year.

Awards are a way to encourage and acknowledge individual strides across different sectors of our organization, which is one of the reasons we organize an award ceremony every year. Volunteers and Partners are honored for their selflessness, guts, time, and dedication. No one makes these sacrifices lightly.

On 11 April 2022, our Award Ceremony was held at The Dome, Calabar Municipal, Cross River, Nigeria. The awards were mainly in seventeen categories. Below are some of the categories and the awardees:

Richard Ebong proved himself worthy of this award: Revolutionary of the Year, Male category. Richard's selflessness, amazing workmanship, and passion for the kids and the work we do should be studied.

The Revolutionary of the Year, Female Category was won by Emediong Peter for her selflessness, consistency, and zeal in getting work done around the organization.

Every active volunteer must have heard a thing or two about the Book Club, whether with consent or not. Their cooperation, zeal, and excellence in work earned them the Team of the Year Award.

Rookie of the year; this award caught the most attention because Joseph Ephraim joined us only last year. Proving himself worthy of this award; he showed up when needed, carried out his responsibilities.

Despite the hurdles of the past year, our achievements wouldn’t have been possible without the sacrifices of all these revolutionaries.

The night continued with an address from our founder, James Okina, as he unveiled the theme for this year's work; Growth. He commended us for our work in the past year and charged us to keep our eyes on the goal, like he always says "No child is safe until all children are safe and we don't count our success by how much is done but by how much is left to do".

Thank you for being here for Street Priests in the past year, whether online or onsite. Thank you for engaging with our work, sharing our content, and recommending us for awards or funding. Whatever you do for us, we're so grateful you're on this journey with us.